Creating a Cooler World logo: the Earth on the beach wearing sunglasses with text that reads, "Creating a Cooler World."

There is plenty of good news to share about climate change, sustainability, and conservation

We spotlight and celebrate people who are taking action to create a cooler world—not just a world that we can survive in, but one that we will enjoy living in. People from many walks of life are taking action to address the climate crisis.

You can, too. Listen to our guests. Learn what they’re doing. Get inspired.

What inspired us to create this podcast? And why do we hope it inspires you? You’ll find out here, in our short introduction.

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About Our Sponsors

Many podcasts receive sponsorship from companies that provide financial support. But our natural environment supports all of our activities on this planet.

Native Plants: Do you know about the benefits of using native plants when landscaping? Here’s more information from the NC Cooperative Extension.

Oceans: Take our “Help the Oceans” challenge! Pick one thing on this list and do it this week –

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